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Accounting may seem like an unimportant aspect of running a business, but it’s VERY important -- especially during the early stages.  Here are a few tips to guide you along the way. 

Open a Business Bank Account:  Keep your personal and business finances separate. When tax time comes around, you won’t need to worry about untangling your personal and business finances.  Also, managing your money in different accounts allows you and your accountant to properly monitor the progress of your business.

You may also want to consider a business credit card too.  It will help your business build a solid credit rating.  The right card can also assist in accruing points, rewards and cash back bonuses too.

Proper Accounting Tactics and Software:  Whether you do it yourself or outsource it, every business owner should have a good accounting system in place.  Accounting can be managed by a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or through an Accounting Software such as Xero, Accounting Suite or QuickBooks.  The Accounting Software options can be purchased for around $10 a month, to help with:

  • Capturing bank details on individual cash flow items from bank and credit card transactions.
  • Processing invoices (AR), for more efficient receipt of payments from customers.
  • Paying invoices (AP) to vendors for services rendered. 
  • Classifying business expenses. Many small business expenses are tax deductible, including certain startup costs.  In order to claim these deductions, you should maintain good record keeping of your business expenditures.
  • Generating various reports and financial statements.
  • Assisting with cash flow management, tax preparation and payroll processing among other functionalities.

Getting off on the right foot, by incorporating effective accounting practices, early on, saves you time, supports business growth, reduces inefficient workloads and you’ll have more time to focus on your company.

Be Informed!  Read our company’s Blog for interesting posts about our activities, thoughts and tips on the latest financial, accounting and tax news impacting your business.  Click the above link or Blog image to see topics such as "Tips for Avoiding Small Business Tax Mistakes"

What Can We Do To Help?

Accounting of the Palm Beaches, LLC is a pillar of its community.  We are offering a "Palm Beach Beginnings" Bundle for new businesses in Florida.  

We know that starting a new business is not easy.  Let's help you establish yourself with a clear head; knowing that a Licensed CPA Firm is managing your accounting needs.

Palm Beach Beginnings

  • Xero or QuickBooks Online setup w/subscription or Three months clean-up work with existing Accounting System 
  • Small Business Accounting (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • Virtual CFO Golden Package (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

Value Added and Payroll Services available, as needed.

Our Palm Beach Beginnings Bundle is only available for new businesses, in Florida, established 12 months or less.  Review our Virtual CFO Bundles, if your company has been in business for more than 12 months.

You can book and manage appointments online using our booking page, by clicking the "Schedule your Appointment" image and select the “Promotional Offer” option for a FREE Initial Consultation.

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Contact us for more information, and allow us to grow with your business.

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